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Unnatural Wonders

A Piece of the Berlin Wall
Acres of RVs
Alaska Pipeline
Alton's Piasa Bird
Amelia Earhart Earthwork
Antique Painted Glass
Antique Tupperware
AR2 at Maryhill Stonehenge
Arkansas Merman
Arkansas Shoe Tree 1
Arkansas Shoe Tree 2
Atomic Cannon
Atomic Comet #1
Atomic Comet #2
Atomic Golf
B&W Nuclear Steam Plume
Beale Street from East
Bottle Castle
Bowling Ball Garden
Brunswick Bridge #1
Brunswick Bridge #2
Brunswick Bridge in Rear View Mirror
Burlington Spillway #1
Burlington Spillway #2
Butter Princesses
Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch 2000
California Windmills
Cardiff Giant
Carhenge 2000
Carhenge Detail 2000
Chain of Rocks Bridge
Coin Operated Binoculars
Cooling towers over frozen river
Coral Castle "Bedroom"
Coral Castle Nine Ton Gate
Coral Castle Saturn and Moon
Corn Palace
Corn Palace Detail
Crazy Horse Mountain
Dead Potato in Coffin
Dead Sponger
Denali Highway Bridge
Dinosaur World Mens Room
Disc-shaped steam plume
Disney Graffito
Don Prudhomme's Snake Dragster
Drive In Stations
Driving Through a Tree
Ernie Pyle Mural
Farm Sprinkler Thing
Field of Dreams Movie Site
Fifth Head at Mount Rushmore
Free Stamp
Fur-covered Trout
Giant Baseball Building
Giant Clothespin
Giant Dump Truck
Giant Pencil
Giant's Boot
Grand Coulee Dam
Grand Coulee Dam Laser Show
Great Plains Farm Art
Jackson Hole Airplane
Jake the Alligator Man
Jefferson Street Bridge
Jet Beetle
Jet Beetle, Modified
Large Fishing Bobber
Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere
Las Vegas Strip at night
Leaning Water Tower
Lincoln's Birthplace
Longaberger Office Building
Lunar Excursion Module
Mackinac Bridge
Manic 5 Dam
Marionberry Jam
Mona Lisa Barn
Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore Coke Machine
Mystery Spot
Neat Bridge in Duluth
North Pole street light
Nuclear Winter
Olde Frothingslosh Cans
Orange Lake
Paul Bunyan's Girlfriend
Peeing Bear
Piasa Bird and Trucks
Potato Wall of Death
Power Lines and Corn
Prairie Moon Garden
Rainbow Barn
Red Milky Lake
Riverboat Pipe
Rock in the House
Rocket Garden
Roman Barracks
Route 66 Shoe Tree
Row of Furbies
Seed Portraits
Ship Gift Shop
Shrunken Heads
Snow Dome Collection
Sombrero Observation Tower
Sponge Man
Sponge Man #2
Stonehenge in America
Sunshine Radon Mine
Sunshine Skyway
Sylvester and Sylvia
Tall cat-like metal thing
The Dalles Dam
Tractor on Silo
Trepanning Tools
Twin Arrows
Twister Cone
Two Bridges at Cairo
UFO Welcome Center - Entrance
UFO Welcome Center - Fence
UFO Welcome Center - I Lower the Ramp
UFO Welcome Center - Jody Lowers the Ramp
UFO Welcome Center - Jody on the Roof
Vital Power Vacuum Massager
Weaponry at the Forevertron
Windmills again
World's Crookedest Street
World's Largest Apple Basket
World's Largest Baseball Bat
World's Largest Basket
World's Largest Catsup Bottle
World's Largest Coffee Pot
World's Largest Crucifix
World's Largest Open Pit Iron Ore Mine
World's Largest Primative Chair
World's Largest Red Wagon
World's Largest Replica Cheese
World's Largest Six Pack of Beer
World's Largest Totem Pole
World's Second Largest Crucifix
York Shambles
York Wall

Photo Gallery

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