Saturday May 31st

While I'm thinking about it, I need to back up a few days and write something so I won't forget it.

The Zuni bake a traditional bread in a dome-shaped mud or clay oven. I saw many of these around their pueblo. They build a fire in it, let it get hot, sweep the fire out, put the bread in, and close it up.

Last night, before checking into the motel, I drove through downtown Miami. They've converted Main Street into a snaking two lane road, with new trees and parking spaces on one side or the other. It looked nice.

Just north of town I saw a nice neon sign for a restaurant. It said

The Ku-Ku

There was a bird wearing a chef's hat on the top, and what I determined, after a bit of study, must be a cuckoo clock.

This morning I got a better look at the building in daylight, and it had a cuckoo clock on the front with the same bird sticking out.

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